Lidimist Manifesto

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The Lidimist Manifesto is a creative insurgency against the tide of apathy and conformism that floods our increasingly broken and unjust world. It is a battle cry for timeless art, a challenge to the status quo that suffocates the creative spirit under layers of commercialization and superficiality.

It's high time we tore up the pages of conventionalism, which is why I'm proposing an open and collaborative art movement, the first of its kind, where co-authorship and community participation transcend the boundaries of ego and isolation.

This Manifesto is an invitation for artists and non-artists to come together to create a vibrant structure of ideas and expressions, challenging the dominance of an isolated and inaccessible artistic elite. It is a work that dismantles the barriers between the creator and the viewer, between the artifact and the digital, promoting an art that is truly of the people, for the people and by the people. An art against the domestication of the capitalist machine and a tool to challenge the manufactured reality in which we are immersed on a daily basis.

It is a powerful call to all of us who yearn for a world where art transcends the decorative and the commercial, becoming a vital instrument of freedom, expression and change.

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Lidimist Manifesto

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I want this!